EBPOM-Asia 2022
09 - 11 December 2022
NTUC Centre @ One Marina Boulevard

EBPOM-Asia Main Committee & Sub-Committee

EBPOM-Asia 2022 Main Committee

Main Committee Name
Congress Chair A/Prof Hairil Rizal Bin Abdullah
Congress Co-Chair A/Prof Tan Kok Yang
  A/Prof Edwin Seet
  Dr Matthew Chen Zhixuan
Abstract - Geriatrics Dr Chew Aik Phon
Abstract - Surgery Dr Daniel Lee Jin Keat
Abstract - Anaesthesia & Perioperative Dr Jessica Teng Sixuan
Sponsorship Chair Dr Monica Tan @ Pyi Phyo Kywe
Publicity & Social Media Dr Carolyn Chan Li-Jen
Advisors Dr Sophia Chew
  Dr Chong Chin Ted

International Partners

EBPOM International (UK) Prof David Walker
Prof Mothy Mythen
Prof Mike Grocott
ANZCA-SIG (Australia) Dr Ming Loh
Dr Jill Van Acker
Dr Jeremy Fernando

EBPOM-Asia 2022 Scientific Sub-Committee

Scientific Sub Committee Name
Plenary Sessions A/Prof Hairil Rizal Bin Abdullah
Humanitude Workshop A/Prof Tan Kok Yang
Echo Workshop Dr Monica Tan @ Pyi Phyo Kywe
Symposium 1: Perioperative Hemodynamics Dr  Desmond Ho
Symposium 2: Cardiac  Anaesthesia Symposium Dr Oon Zhi Hao
Symposium 3: Perioperative Cognitive Dysfunction & Delirium Dr Geraldine Cheong / Dr Natesan Selvaganapathi
Symposium 4: Innovation and Surgery Dr Daniel Lee Jin Keat
Symposium 5: Defining Value in Surgical Care Dr Tham Huae Min
Symposium 6: Sarcopenia Dr Chai Jia Xin / Dr Daniel Lee Jin Keat
Symposium 7: Education in Perioperative Care Dr Geraldine Cheong
Symposium 8: Advances in Emergency Surgery Dr He YingKe / Dr Jerry Goo
Symposium 9: Geriatric Mindsets for Surgical Disciplines Dr Matthew Chen Zhixuan
Symposium 10: Trainee's Forum: How to Truly Enjoy Residency Training? Dr He YingKe / Dr Chew Shi Hao
Symposium 11: Perioperative Management of Neurosurgical Patients Dr Chen Qingyan
Symposium 12 (SSA): Airway Management A/Prof Edwin Seet
Symposium 13: Geriatric Oncology Dr Daniel Lee Jin Keat
Symposium 14: Caring Perioperative Journey Dr Chai Jia Xin / A/Prof Tan Kok Yang
Symposium 15 (SSA): Contemporary Perioperative Concepts Dr Jessica Teng Sixuan
Symposium 16: Engaging the Patient Dr Sujani Anuruddhika Wijeratne
Symposium 17:  Perioperative Care of Acute Surgical Patients Dr He YingKe / Dr Jerry Goo
Symposium 18: Transdisciplinary Perioperative Care Dr Priscilla Ng
Symposium 19: Perioperative and Chronic Pain Dr Priscilla Ng
Symposium 20: Anaesthesia Trainee Track: Beyond Exams and Future Career Choices Dr He YingKe / Dr Pang Sing Xing